Suggestions for Meaningful Evangelism

It is often said Christians need to reach out in love and compassion to our Muslim friends and neighbors. What does this mean? Does it only mean being willing to share the gospel with Muslims? Paul understood that in order to reach others, a believer must be willing to be all things to all people (see 1 Cor. 9:22). This may be the most favorable moment to model the vast difference that exists between adherence to a religion and the acceptance of a vital relationship with Jesus as Savior. Read more

A Comprehensive Listing of References to Jesus (‘Isa) in the Qur’an

Among the major world religions, Islam is the only non-Christian faith that recognizes the person of Jesus. Qur’an talks a great amount about Jesus. However, Jesus Christ is the most controversial personality in Islam. In the Qur’an, Jesus is referred to in over ninety verses and in fifteen surahs. Islam corroborates that Jesus was born to a virgin, was sinless, performed miracles, and was superior to other prophets. Yet, Islam teaches that Jesus was no more than a prophet. It denies the central message of Christianity by denying Jesus’ divinity, crucifixion, and resurrection. Read more

Fear in Islam

Many writers on Islam have tried to find one word that will best describe the fastest growing religion in the world. In several readings we have found different authors using numerous words such as “justice,” “sacrifice,” “submission,” and “community.” The more we study the religion, the more we are convinced that the one word that best describes Islam is “fear.” The different actions of Muslims today all seem to be a reflection of the fear that has built up within the individual. Read more

Mistakes Christians Make When Trying to Reach a Muslim

For many years Christian Missiologists have known that culture plays an important part in Christian Witness. It is often taught that there are three different methods of evangelism based upon culture. They can be identified as follows:
E-1 Evangelism with people of the same culture, language and background for example: an African witnessing to another African.
E-2 Evangelism with people of a similar culture, for example: A British witnessing to an American.
E-3 Evangelism with people from a completely different culture, language and background for example: a Frenchman witnessing to an animist from the jungles of Africa. Read more

Muslim – Christian Encounters

Both Muslims and Christians feel that their religion is superior to the other one. Both are intensely missionary and have an ultimate goal of winning the world to their faith. When two dynamic forces meet head-on, sparks are certain to fly. One missionary method that Islam has used effectively in Africa and Europe has been what is known as “power encounters”. A biblical example of such an encounter was Elijah’s challenge to the prophet of Baal on mount Zion:. “Let us see which God is the most powerful.” The encounter was both public and decisive. All left knowing that Jehovah had shown His power through Elijah. Read more

World Religions Overview

World Religions – Estimated Population 
BUDDHISM: Worldwide: est. over 400 million;
CHRISTIANITY: Worldwide: est. 1.973 billion;
HINDUISM: Worldwide: est. 820 million;
ISLAM: Worldwide: est. 1.28 billion;
JUDAISM: Worldwide: est. 14.2 million;
World religions have been classified into two categories: Far Eastern and Middle Eastern. Hinduism and Buddhism began in India, while Judaism, Christianity, and Islam originated in the Middle East. The major tenets of each of these faiths are listed below. Read more

Discover the Hidden Truth

Whether Sunnism, Sufism, Shi’itism, Wahhabism, Ahmadiyya, Bahai faith or any one of the one hundred and fifty sects of Islam the common denominator is Allah.
Much has been written and still is being written on the God of the Christians and the God of the Muslims. Initially, I found the question a little bit awkward and gauche but when I started studying the Koran and make comparisons with the Bible. It seems that there are lots of hidden but logical questions that demands clear and concise answers. Read more