About Us

Missiontomuslims is a dynamic christian outfit created by pastor and Mrs kolade .It’s a religious structure that brings together humble,simple christian missionaries ,converted Muslims called to evangelize the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Islamic world.

Our mission and vision is focused on Muslims and Muslims alone. We have a special call to create a conducive religious environment that will trigger a forum for peaceful dialogue and reasoning. We want to establish a very strong solidarity between the two religion in order to create room for lasting tolerance and co-habitation. We desire to help Christians to develop sincere relationship with Muslims without fear ,prejudice  and confrontations.

Our mission is to mobilize and encourage  christian missionaries, pastors , evangelists ,Apostles and even the students of the Bible to develop an attitude of extending their wings of studies into the Islamic horizons which will permit them to understand perfectly what Islam is all about and to make discoveries alongside with the Muslims counterparts thus building a relationship that will facilitate their being evangelized into the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Missiontomuslims have a two fold structure

The strategic empowerment programs :This is a program that is meticulously establish to train , motivate and support christian missionaries serving in the Muslim world.It involves the exposition of techniques and plans that equips the trainees to master and handle evangelism of chronic Islamic fundamentalists, Islamic extremists, fanatics of all sorts who are sometimes potential candidates of terrorism who sometimes hide under the umbrella of Islamic Jihad. We also organize motivational seminars,symposium,retreats  and conferences for both experienced and inexperienced  missionaries in other to boost and reinforce their capacities in their various evangelism posts. We conduct  careful and cute comprehensive study of the Koran by using both the English and the french translation of the Koran.We also organize  peaceful cross religious meetings that permits Muslims to share their opinion on delicate issues which will also help Christians to develop their perceptive power in Islamic issues. Also, we have a long term support program for independent missionaries serving in the Muslim world. It’s a program designed to raise fund for missionaries in very dangerous zones and this program also cover the education of their children.
Global prayer networking program: The global prayer networking program brings together churches in order to intercede for Israel , the Arab nations and  America . All nations needs prayer but we want to concentrate on intercession for these nations mentioned above because the peace of the whole world will be determined by the peace in these nations.

Missiontomuslims have a very bright vision to bring a lasting religious peace and tolerance to our world . We believe in God and in the power of His might . He is the God of peace and  harmony.