Muslims and Christians, Must they be Enemies?

Religious matters are the most complicated and complex issues in the world. There is need for peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians in the world .A Muslim once said ‘’ It may be a theological question whether God reveals religion through his messenger, his prophet or his son .Irrespective of the position ones takes on this issue, one should be reasonable enough to know that God, like the father of any household, can never be satisfied with members of his family who quarrel, fight, undermine and sometimes kill one another in his name ‘’

It’s a pity that some Muslim are indeed conscious of what God is supposed to be, yet personally, we may be doing the wrong thing with all sincerity. Why? Because we may have found ourselves in a system that is very difficult to leave. Many continue in a religious system because they are yet to understand the nature of the deception they have fallen into.

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