The Muslim Claim That the Bible Was Altered

My dear Muslim reader, it is only fair that I ask you to examine the evidence with objectivity.  Because any accusation that the Bible was altered raises serious questions which demand answers from those Muslims who are making the accusation. When did this alleged alteration of the Holy Scripture occur?

  1. Before Muhammad’s time?

All the verses pointed out in the previous chapter clearly demonstrate that Muhammad did not believe the Bible to be corrupt in his time.

  1. After the death of Muhammad?

It is not possible that the Bible was altered after the death of Muhammad because by ad 600 Christianity had spread into Asia, Africa, and Europe.

If the Jews and Christians tampered or changed the teachings of the Torah and the Gospel (changed the original manuscript of the Holy Books), then the testimony of the Qur’an to their authenticity is false.

Muslim teachers claiming that the Bible was corrupted after Muhammad died, are in effect saying that Allah of the Qur’an did not foresee that the Bible would be altered.

In both cases, if the Bible were corrupted, that would make the Qur’an not trustworthy.

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